jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Ciencia, filosofía y negacionismo: una lectura indispensable

Hace un año que leí esta magnífico texto de Massimo Pigliuci sobre la ciencia, la filosofía de la ciencia y las dificultades que se presentan en el combate al negacionismo en ciencia.
Lectura profunda e indispensable. ¡Disfruten!

"I personally like the idea of teaching “science appreciation” classes in high school and college, as opposed to more traditional (usually rather boring, both as a student and as a teacher) science instruction. Unless one is going to major in a scientific field, it will do little good to cram a lot of science facts into his brain, but exposing him to the beauty as well as inner workings (and limits) of the scientific enterprise might. Something like that goes also for writing about science for the general public, where too often the picture presented is one of speculations asserted as facts (think string theory) and where the reader is told about the results but not about the messy, fascinating process that led to them. Science should be portrayed as a human story of failure and discovery, not as a body of barely comprehensible facts arrived at by epistemic priests."
" facts are not opinions, even if we acknowledge that of course facts aren’t out there in the world devoid of theoretical and yes, even sometimes ideological, contexts."

(Por cierto, hace también un año escribí una columna sobre el texto de Pigliucci, comentándolo en el contexto de la discusión sobre la masacre de Ayotzinapa. Lo pueden hallar aquí: http://lacienciaporgusto.blogspot.mx/2014/10/negacionismo.html)